The 10 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets for 2021

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After spending hours in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal, the last thing you want to do is spend more time more scraping the pots and pans clean. Nonstick cookware can save you the trouble, and ceramic coatings are some of the safest nonstick options. The best ceramic cookware will be an asset to your kitchen experience.

What Is Ceramic Cookware?

Best Ceramic Cookware: Reviews and Buying Guide

Most cookware that is advertised as ceramic is comprised of metal pots and pans that have received one or more layers of a ceramic coating. This ceramic treatment gives the cookware a nonstick finish so that your food doesn’t readily stick to your pans. 

Ceramic nonstick cookware is considered safer than other types of nonstick coatings, such as Teflon. That’s because ceramic doesn’t leach chemicals or release hazardous fumes. In particular, most ceramic cookware is free of: 

Some brands of ceramic cookware can be heated to over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if they get hotter than that, they won’t let off toxic chemicals.

The Best Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Sets

1. Best for Experienced Cooks: GreenPan Valencia 11-piece Cookware Set

Those who are ready to make the investment in a high-quality ceramic cookware set will appreciate these hard-anodized aluminum pots and pans from GreenPan. Their Thermolon Minerals Pro nonstick coating is strong enough to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use, even if you use metal utensils. 

With this large set, you get seven different pots and pans and four glass lids. The handles are made of stainless steel. You can use the cookware in the oven and on a variety of stovetops, and you can wash the pieces in the dishwasher. 

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2. Best for Oven Use: NuWave Duralon Ceramic Nonstick 7-piece Cookware Set

If you like to use your cookware both on the stove and in the oven, consider this NuWave set. The pots and pans work on a variety of stovetops and can be used at oven temperatures up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit – more than 100 degrees hotter than many other ceramic cookware sets. 

The pots are made of stainless steel. The pan is constructed of aluminum. They all have a Duralon ceramic coatinginside to help them be nonstick, and the handles are metal. The three pots each come with a glass lid. 

3. Best for Beginners: GreenLife Soft Grip 16-piece Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

Those who are stocking a kitchen for the first time will appreciate all that’s included in this GreenLife set. With three frypans, two saucepans, a saute pan, a stockpot, four lids, a steamer basket and four utensils in this set, your kitchen will quickly go from empty to well-stocked. 

The pans are made of aluminum and topped with a Thermolon ceramic coating that keeps food from sticking. They have handles that are soft to the touch. They stay cool during cooking and won’t melt in the oven. In addition to being oven-safe, this cookware can also be placed in the dishwasher. 

4. Best for Small Kitchens: Cook N Home 6-piece Nonstick Ceramic Coating Cookware Set

For kitchens without much storage space, this small set allows you to stick to the basics. It includes just six pieces: a saucepan, a casserole pan, a saute pan and a lid for each. Each of these colorful pans boasts a marbleized pattern in a different shade. 

The ceramic coating tops aluminum-body cookware. The lids have built-in vents, and they’re made of tempered glass, so you can view the contents of your dish while cooking. The pans have one or two handles each, and the handles are designed to stay cool while cooking. 

5. Best for Induction Cooktops: Concord Cookware 8-piece Ceramic Coated Copper Cookware

Not just any pans will work on an induction stovetop, but this copper set is designed for compatibility with most induction ranges. Of course, these pans aren’t just for induction cooking. You can also use them on standard stovetops, and it’s safe to place them in the oven. 

Known as Coppe-ramic, the ceramic coating on this cookware gives the pieces a copper tone. The pots have fluted tops, so it’s easy to pour their contents into another container. To add to the beauty and convenience of this set, the pieces have handles made of stainless steel. 

6. Best Classic Set: Cuisinart Advantage Ceramica XT Cookware Set

Are you looking for a basic set that will look good in any kitchen? This black Cuisinart collection is the best set to match nearly any kitchen decor. It includes six aluminum pots and pans, four tempered-glass lids and a steamer basket. The coating used on the cookware is Cuisinart Ceramica XT, which is a blend of ceramic and titanium. 

The handles are made of silicone. When the pans heat up, the handles stay cool, so you can easily move them from stovetop to tabletop. You can even put these nonstick pans in the oven or the freezer. 

7. Best for Displaying Your Personality: Vremi 8-piece Ceramic Cookware Set

If you want your cookware set to reflect the fun that you love to have in the kitchen, this brightly hued Vremi set is the best one for the job. In addition to a bright green finish, this set has wooden handles that add a unique twist to the usual appearance of pots and pans. 

This collection includes five pots and pans and three opaque lids. The far sides of the skillets are higher than the sides near the handle. This design aids in flipping omelets and other foods. 


8. Best Deep-frying Set: Copper Chef Cookware 9-Piece Round Pan Set

Do want to French fries and other deep-fried foods with your new cookware set? Thanks to an included fry basket and a large casserole pan, you can do just that with this Copper Chef set. The fry basket is also useful for steaming vegetables, or you can use the steamer tray for that purpose. 

This set of five pots and pans is made of aluminum, and each piece features Cerami-Tech nonstick coating. Riveted handles have small thumb depressions for easy gripping. The set includes two glass lids that allow you to view the cooking process. 

9. Best for Preheating: T-fal Initiatives Ceramic Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Cookware Set

If you could use a hand in knowing when your pans have had enough time to preheat, get this ceramic cookware set from T-fal. The pieces feature Thermo-Spot indicators that change appearance when it’s time to add your ingredients. 

With this set, you receive three frypans, two saucepans, a Dutch oven, four lids and four plastic utensils. The cookware is made of aluminum with a ceramic nonstick coating, and the handles have comfortable rubber coatings. You can use this cookware at oven temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can also place it in the dishwasher. 

10. Best Lids: Hamilton Beach 10-piece Aluminum Cookware Set

The lids that come with your cookware set are almost as important as the pots and pans themselves. This Hamilton Beach set features four vented lids made of tempered glass, and each one has a soft silicone rim. The lids are designed for the stock pot, the Dutch oven and the two saucepans, but you can place them on the two frypans as well. For thorough washing, you can remove the silicone as needed. 

The champagne-gray pots and pans are made of aluminum with nonstick ceramic coatings. The handles feature silicone trim that matches the lid rims. 

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Ceramic Cookware

Even the best ceramic cookware probably won’t last a lifetime, but with proper care, you may be able to use a set for a long time, even with daily use. Follow these tips to treat your pots and pans as carefully as possible. 

Best Ceramic Cookware Reviews and Buying Guide

Choose a Healthier Nonstick Pan

If you want the convenience of easy cleanup after every meal, opt for ceramic nonstick cookware. The best sets of pots, pans and lids will allow you to cook all of your favorite dishes with ease. With the right cookware collection, you may find yourself getting a lot more enjoyment out of the cooking process.