The 10 Best Double Burner Griddle Reviews for 2021

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What kitchen equipment can you use to fry sizzling bacon, prepare fluffy pancakes and cook juicy burgers? A griddle can do all those jobs and more. For kitchen success, you need to own the best griddle. This guide is here to help you pick the best pan for your cooking needs.

What Is a Griddle?

A griddle is a large, flat cooking surface. It’s typically made of metal, which is a good conductor of heat. Food is placed directly on the metal surface for thorough, even cooking.

Griddles don’t have high sides like a skillet or a frying pan. Instead, most have only a short lip around the outside edge of the pan. This gives you ready access to the food so you can easily flip items with a spatula.

Best griddle: Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide

You can cook a wide variety of food on a griddle. Some of the most common choices are:

Many griddles can be heated on the stove, on the grill or in the oven, but some are standalone appliances that sit on the countertop.

5 features to Look for In a Griddle

1. Size and Shape

Smaller stovetop griddles come in square or round shapes. They fit over one burner, which means that the whole griddle maintains a fairly even temperature. This type of griddle usually has a long handle that sticks off of the unit.

Rectangular griddles typically have a larger surface. They fit over two stove burners. You can set both burners to the same heat setting for an even temperature across the griddle, or you can choose two different settings so your griddle has one cooler area and one hotter area. Double-burner griddles usually have shorter handles that are built into the unit or stick up from it.

2. Power Source

Many griddles are flat pans that sit on the stove. To heat them, you turn on the burner or burner on which the griddle is resting.

Others are standalone units. Typically, these sit on the counter and plug into a wall outlet. A knob or a dial adjusts the temperature of the griddle.

Some standalone units run on propane instead of electricity. These are usually freestanding instead of countertop models.

3. Material

Best griddle: Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide

There are three main types of metal used in griddles: aluminum, steel and cast iron. Aluminum conducts heat well, and it is lightweight. This type of metal is often anodized, which is a process in which the cooking surface is sealed.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for some pots and pans because it is easy to clean, and it has a shiny, attractive appearance. Of the three metals typically used for griddles, this one ranks lowest when it comes to heat conduction. For this reason, some griddles include layers of both steel and aluminum.

Cast-iron griddles are the best for cooking at high heat. This material is very durable and produces even cooking results. However, it can be quite heavy, and it requires proper care and regular seasoning.

4. Handle

Nearly all griddles come with some sort of handle to help with lifting. Some handles have holes in them so you can hang the griddle.

Smaller griddles usually have long handles. These keep your fingers far from the heat source. However, this style can increase the overall footprint of the unit, so the griddle won’t slide into a cabinet as easily.

Larger griddles usually have one smaller handle at each end. Because these are closer to the body of the griddle, they may get hot during cooking. Handles that stick up off the griddle can stay cooler, but they also reduce the pan’s slim profile.

5. GreaseBest griddle: Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide

Some foods that are commonly cooked on a griddle, such as burgers and bacon, can produce a lot of grease during the cooking process. If you enjoy these foods, look for a griddle that has a built-in method of containing grease. Some have channels designed for grease runoff. Others have a removable tray for collecting grease.

Top 10 Choices for the Best Griddles 2020

1. All-Clad 3020 Double Burner Grande Griddle

Thanks to a grease channel that runs along the outside edges, this All-Clad griddle is a great choice for cooking bacon. It’s a double-burner aluminum pan with a hard-anodized cooking surface to which food won’t stick, so you can make fried eggs alongside your bacon.

The large, riveted handles are easy to grip because they have a 2-inch opening to accommodate your hand. They are made of stainless steel but stay cool during cooking.

2. Farberware High Performance Nonstick Aluminum 11-Inch Square Griddle

This Farberware griddle is the best buy for cooks who have a tendency to burn their food. It features a textured surface, which creates air pockets that encourage even heating and browning. This texture also helps keep food from sticking to the pan.

The square griddle covers one burner of your stove, and it can also be used in the oven at temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For durability, the pan’s long handle is riveted to it. The handle is long, so you won’t have to worry about your fingers bumping the hot griddle.

3. Lodge Reversible Grill and Griddle Combo

To work on an induction cooktop, pans must be made out of select types of metal, such as cast iron. Therefore, this cast-iron pan from Lodge is the best stovetop griddle to use on an induction stove. Compatibility varies among stove models, but most induction users have success with this product.

Of course, this double-burner griddle can be used on standard stovetops as well. You can flip it to either side; one is smooth and the other has a grill-style ribbing pattern.

4. Cuisinart 655-35 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Double Burner Griddle

If you frequently cook for a crowd, you can’t go wrong with this large griddle from Cuisinart. The griddle fits over two stove burners, so there’s plenty of space for cooking large batches of food or frying two different items at once. It’s also oven-safe at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The griddle is made of hard-anodized aluminum and features a nonstick QuanTanium coating. Its handles are constructed of stainless steel. They are riveted to the griddle for long-lasting durability.

5. GreenLife CC000605-001 Diamond Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Griddle

Cooks who are concerned about the chemicals in traditional nonstick cookware but also appreciate easy cleanup will like the GreenLife griddle. It has a ceramic Thermolon coating that is free of common toxins. Thanks to this nonstick coating, this griddle is a good choice for cooking foods that often stick to the pan, such as eggs or hash browns.

This square griddle has a long handle that extends off of the pan. It is comfortable to grip and stays cool to the touch. A hole in the end makes it easy to hang the griddle.

6. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

If you love grilling, and you love cooking on a griddle, you can combine those two interests with a griddle grill. A griddle grill like the Blackstone is shaped like a standard barbecue grill but has a flat top instead of grates.

This top-rated griddle grill runs on propane. It offers 470 square inches of cooking space, so you’ll have plenty of room to fix breakfast for your overnight houseguests or fry burgers for your backyard cookout friends.

7. Little Griddle SQ180 Universal Griddle

Perhaps you love the idea of a griddle grill but don’t have space to store another large outdoor cooker. In that case, expand the versatility of the grill you already own by adding the Little Griddle. This stainless steel tool sits on top of your current gas grill grates.

This is the best griddler to put on top of a gas grill because it has a built-in ventilation system that helps it cook evenly and efficiently. It also has a long grease well to catch runoff from bacon and other high-fat foods.

8. Waykea 12” Cast Iron Cooking Griddle Round

Most griddles are square or rectangular, but those who don’t need a large cooking surface may prefer a round griddle. Because of its shape and its oven-safe construction, this round griddle from Waykea is a good choice for those who enjoy preparing homemade pizzas.

It is cast iron, so you can expect it to be sturdy and durable. Since it has built-in handles, you can hang it from a pot rack, but it’s also small enough to slide into a cabinet for storage.

9. Presto 7072 Slimline Griddle

Those looking for the best electric griddle will appreciate this plug-in griddle from Presto. Because of its streamlined design, it’s easy to find space to store it when not in use. If you often cook large meals, this countertop griddle will allow you to make eggs, pancakes or burgers without taking up a stove burner.

A drip tray collects grease during cooking, and it slides out for cleanup. There’s a dial with which you can set your desired heat level. The heat dial comes off when it’s time to wash the griddle.

10. Lodge Logic Pro-Grid Cast Iron Grill and Griddle Combo

This cast-iron griddle does double-duty. On one side is a smooth, flat griddle surface. Flip it over, and it’s a grill pan that can sear attractive grill marks onto your food. Built-in handles are good for lifting and storing the griddle.

Treat yourself to two of these pans, and they become the best stovetop griddles for making pressed sandwiches. Set one grill on your stove, and place your sandwiches on it. Lay the other griddle on top of the sandwiches, and its sturdy weight will flatten them into a delicious meal that you can easily hold in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Griddles

#1. How Do You Clean a Griddle?

Some griddles advertise that they are safe for use in the dishwasher. However, even griddles that advertise this feature will perform best if washed by hand. Frequent dishwasher use can wear down the finish of a griddle, especially if it has a nonstick surface.

Cast-iron griddles should never be placed in the dishwasher. In fact, you shouldn’t even use soap. Instead, rinse these pans with water, dry them thoroughly, and season them with oil before storing them.

#2. What Temperature Should You Use for Griddle Cooking?

Griddles with nonstick coating should not be used over extremely high heat. Temperatures over 500 degrees can be damaging to Teflon and other nonstick materials. Such high heat can release harmful chemicals into the air or cause food to stick to the pan.

Furthermore, high heat can cause cooking oil to burn onto your pan. The ideal griddle temperature is usually between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to cook at higher temperatures, a cast-iron griddle is usually the best type to use.

#3. How Can You Keep Food From Sticking to a Griddle?

To keep eggs and other foods from sticking to a nonstick griddle, take care to treat your pan according to the manufacturer’s directions, wash it by hand, and use it at low or medium temperatures.

Pans without special coatings, such as cast-iron griddles, may stick if you don’t prepare them before cooking. You can add butter or cooking oil to a preheated griddle before adding your food.

A properly seasoned cast-iron griddle will eventually develop a nonstick surface.

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Which Griddle Will You Use for Your Favorite Foods?

When you’re cooking foods that need to be flipped with a spatula, a griddle allows you the easiest access. Every good cook needs one of these 10 options for the best griddles 2020. Whether you choose the best griddle for your stove, your counter or your grill, you’ll find countless uses for this piece of kitchen equipment.