Best Meat Grinder for Deer

By Forrest •  Updated: 03/23/21 •  19 min read

The Best Meat Grinder for Deer

There are so many meat grinders on the market today and it can be difficult and even extremely overwhelming when trying to decide which product is right for you and your family. There is a lot to consider when in the market for a deer or venison grinder. While shopping for a new meat grinder, think about the power of the machine, the capacity it can hold, the aesthetic design, the overall quality, and even the size of the grind it can return. Each product has different features and with so many options, it is easy to feel anxious while trying to make a decision. 

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best meat grinders for deer in 2021, what a meat grinder is, how to grind deer meat, and more. Let’s get started.

What is a Meat Grinder for Deer?

Meat grinders are typically medium-sized kitchen appliances and most require a power source. Once plugged in, these grinders can grind meat very quickly and efficiently. After the meat is cubed, the meat grinder does the rest of the work for you. A meat grinder is a necessity for those who are interested in grinding meat even a couple of times a month. Freshly ground deer meat provides superior taste over its older competition. 

Considerations for the Best Meat Grinders for Deer and Venison

There are many different things to consider when looking at meat grinders to purchase. Meat grinders cover a range of prices as well as power and capacity, so it is important to consider all specifications before deciding on the perfect meat grinder based on your needs. 


Most meat grinders vary in power from 200 to over 400 watts. This is important if you plan on grinding lots of meat at once. More power means that the device will be able to return meat more quickly than a motor with lower power. 

Keep in mind that these small motors can become over-heated quickly if they are working hard. Some meat grinders have built-in cooling technology while some recommend only grinding for a certain amount of time before a manual cool-down period. Keep this in mind if you plan on using the grinder continuously for more than fifteen minutes at a time. 


Some home meat grinders can produce a large amount of ground meat while others are more intended for small amounts at any given time. One thing to consider is the pan size, which holds the prepared meat while waiting to be ground. Having a large holding pan can make prepping much easier which is likely to save time in the long run.

Larger holding pans will allow those in the kitchen to complete other tasks while waiting for the grinder to grind a large amount of meat. It might be inconvenient to continuously add meat to the grinder for the appliances with a small holding pan. 


Most meat grinders look similar in shape and size. Some have larger bases, while others are more thin and sleek. Keep in mind that a more heavy and durable base of a meat grinder will provide the device with a more steady hold. This will allow it to be still and steady while grinding. 

Many appliances that have a powered motor vibrate or even shake while in use. Having a heavy and steady machine will allow much more trust to walk away from the device with the confidence it will not fall off the countertop. 


Meat grinders are typically quality appliances, and most are made to last years after purchase. The outer areas of the grinders are usually made of durable aluminum while the parts that are used to actually grind the meat are typically made of high-quality stainless steel. 

This allows the meat grinder to be food-safe and easy to clean. It is important to look into the materials used in each specific grinder to ensure you are making the best decisions for your needs.

Size of Grind

Most grinders come with attachments that allow you to switch out the grinding head. Each grinding head has different size holes which allow for different grinding sizes and even textures. 

It is common for meat grinders to come with three different sizes of grinding heads, but some do not have any additional sizes. Be sure to keep that in mind if it is a priority for your deer and venison to be ground with different sizes depending on the dishes they are needed in. 

Top Meat Grinders for Deer in 2021

There are so many options when it comes to what products are best. Amazon has a plethora of meat grinders available and will surely have something that can meet anyone’s needs. The options can definitely be overwhelming at first, but hopefully, this list can guide those who need it. 

These grinders vary in power and capacity, as well as design and quality. It is important to weigh all aspects of each product before making any final decisions about what device will best suit your needs. 

KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment 

This is a great option for those who are already fans of KitchenAid products. The KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment fits all KitchenAid standing mixers, even the mini-mixers. It is very easy to connect directly to the power hub and is great for grinding deer and venison. The meat tray, auger, and grinder body are made of aluminum alloy while the grinding plates and blades are made of stainless steel. This ensures that the grinding attachments last for years to come. 

One downside to this product is that the grinder attachment is not dishwasher safe. Each part is detachable and is easy to clean with hot, soapy water. The piece also comes with a special cleaning brush that helps get into all the smaller parts of the grinder to ensure it is being cleaned properly. 

There is no specific wattage attached to this grinder, as it depends on the power of your mixer. If the attachment is using power from a mini mixer versus a standard KitchenAid mixer, there will be much less wattage for grinding the meat. This is a highly rated product with over thousands of reviews, though you must already own, or plan to purchase, a KitchenAid mixer to use this product. 

BestWell Meat Grinder

This is a great option for a standalone electric meat grinder. The BestWell Meat Grinder is gaining traction and is a great option for those who are interested in a compact kitchen device. This appliance is small but mighty with a high-powered, pure copper motor. The BestWell grinder is equipped with blades and cutter heads made of stainless steel and is capable of producing up to three pounds of minced meat every minute. It is easy to operate with only three buttons, including a reverse button if anything gets stuck. 

This specific mixer operates at 350 watts, which is perfect for those grinding a small amount of meat at a time. At seven pounds, this product is small but extremely durable and is very quiet while in use. The design was made to be heavier at the bottom to prevent the device from shaking or vibrating during use. 

This grinder also has an anti-overheat and anti-overload protection in which the grinder will automatically stop to protect itself in either of these cases. The BestWell grinder is silver in color and sleek in design, making it a great addition to any kitchen countertop. This appliance is dishwasher safe once taken apart but may also be washed in the sink with warm soapy water to ensure proper cleanliness. 

STX Turboforce Cadet Grinder 

This product contains many parts and is extremely versatile. The STX Turboforce Cadet is very powerful in that its normal grinding power is 550 watts. This product also comes with three different grinding plates of varying sizes. This is great for those who plan on using the device for different kinds of meats or for those who want to vary their textures. The blades in the Turboforce Cadet are all made of stainless steel to ensure durability and long-lasting use. 

It is easy to store the meat grinder away as it comes with a hideaway handle. This handle covers the exposed grinding mechanisms and locks in place allowing easy transportation and handling when not in use. The design of this grinder is simple but bold, with a silver body and black accents. 

This specific product is great for grinding deer and venison as the many attachment sizes allow diversity in choice as well as the addition of sliding, shredding, and grating add-ons. Weighing in at thirteen pounds, this is a medium-size grinder great for those who plan to grind a large amount of meat at once. This is a highly rated product that comes with a three-year warranty. 

STX Turboforce Classic Grinder 

This product is similar to the STX Turboforce Cadet but slightly more powerful. The STX Turboforce Classic is definitely on the higher end price-wise, but you can’t beat the features and power behind this loaded machine. The Turboforce Classic is one of the most powerful home-use grinders and can reach up to 3000 watts if needed, although normal grinding only uses between 800 and 1200 watts.

This grinder is great for those who need to grind a large amount of meat at once. With a meat pan that holds over three pounds of prepped meat, this device is great for those who want to save time while prepping their deer or venison. This high-intensity grinder can grind over 200 pounds of properly prepped meat per hour. Even though this product can produce a large amount of ground meat in a small amount of time, it is not intended to be used in a  commercial setting. 

This stainless-steel design returns a bright silver exterior which adds a tone of professionalism to this fantastic device. With add-ons similar to the Turboforce Cadet, this option is great for those who intend to grind large amounts of meat, but still prefer to switch out grinding heads when needed. 

BBDay Electric Meat Grinder 

Another great meat grinder option comes from BBDay. This electric grinder is small but powerful and ideal for those who intend to grind meat every so often. The BBDay Electric Grinder can return about three pounds of ground meat per minute. With a wattage of around 350, this electric grinder is perfect for those who plan to grind a small amount of meat at once. 

This device has a dark grey and black exterior and will look great in any kitchen. Three different cutting plates allow varied sizes which is great for those working with deer and venison on top of other types of meat. The internal motor in this grinder is made entirely of copper which allows the grinder to be quite powerful but also quiet when in use. Some parts of this grinder are dishwasher safe, but others must be washed by hand. 

This specific meat grinder is equipped with special patented technology that ensures the meat fibers not be destroyed while being squeezed through the grinding head. One might want to consider this if maintaining the integrity of the meat is part of your goals when grinding and preparing meat to cook. 

Kitchener Meat Grinder

For those looking for a more heavy-duty option, the Kitchener Meat Grinder is a great choice. Similar to the Turboforce Classic, this grinder has a large meat pan which saves time during prep. The power in this device is slightly above average at 370 watts. This powerful machine can return over 200 pounds of meat per hour and comes with three different size settings for those looking for variation in grinding sizes. 

This unique appliance has a built-in AC motor which allows the grinding motor to be kept cool during use. This prevents overheating, especially when grinding large amounts of meat in a short period of time. The Kitchener grinder is made with durable metal, including stainless steel, and will last for many years. 

This specific grinder is dark grey with black accents and is on the larger size compared to other grinders. This product weighs close to 20 pounds and has hundreds of five-star reviews. 

LEM Hand Grinder

For those looking for a more affordable option, consider a hand grinder. The LEM Hand Grinder is great for those only intending to grind small amounts of meat at a time. This grinder temporarily attaches to the edge of any sturdy counter, making it easy to transport if needed. It is intended to be stored while not in use, so it is unable to stand up straight on its own. 

The LEM hand grinder comes with two different grinding plates so varying your grind size is still an option. This product doesn’t contain a large holding pan, but that shouldn’t be an issue for those who plan to grind small amounts of deer or venison at once. The majority of this hand grinder is made of durable cast aluminum, with carbon steel grinding plates. For less than $30, you can’t beat this small but durable grinder.

ALTRA Electric Meat Grinder

This meat grinder is another great option for those looking in the medium price and power range. The ALTRA Electric Meat Grinder can reach up to 400 watts and return around two pounds of meat per minute. Similar to the BBDay grinder, this device also contains the technology that keeps the fibers in deer or venison more intact during the grinding process. This can return a better flavor after cooking. 

The ALTRA comes with coarse, medium, and fine grinding plates which is great for those who need options. Made with reinforced stainless steel and thick aluminum alloy, this product is extremely durable and will last for years. Silver with black accents, the design of this grinder can be a great accent to most kitchens. It also comes with a cover and safety lock that ensures the sharp and dangerous parts are covered while stored away. 

The ALTRA grinder is easy to take apart and reassemble, but only some of the parts are dishwasher safe. It’s recommended that all parts are washed by hand if possible. One downside to the ALTRA is that it does not have any cooling technology or over-heating stopping mechanisms. It’s important to allow this device to rest after ten minutes of use so that it does not overheat. This product is great for the everyday meat grinder looking for a mid-priced but quality product. 

Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder

This is a small but powerful electric grinder. The Cuisinart Electric Grinder has quite a small base compared to other electric grinders but is great for those with less counter space available. The motor for this grinder is about 300 watts and can return about three pounds of meat per minute. 

The Cuisinart grinder comes with only two plate sizes: medium and coarse. This grinder does not have a very large holding pan, as the entire appliance is a bit on the smaller size. With only three buttons, this is a very simple and straightforward machine to use. At only eight pounds, this mini meat grinder is definitely smaller than average but can stand against larger grinders when comparing power and durability. 

The design is sleek and simple for those looking for a more aesthetically pleasing meat grinder. The Cuisinart grinder would be perfect for those prioritizing design while still in need of a powerful device. 


How to Properly Grind Deer Meat

There are many things to remember during the meat grinding process. When preparing a deer, it is recommended that the tenderloins be cooked on a grill and the quarters be used for grinding. Hopefully, this step-by-step guide can provide some insight into the process from start to finish. 

  1. First, remove the bone from the meat. This is important because many meat grinders can become damaged if bones, even small ones, are forced through the grinder. To ensure the grinder is kept in working order, make sure to remove all bones from the meat before moving on. Be sure to use the correct tools when removing bones, for example, a boning knife or a fillet knife. 
  2. Next, try and remove as much silver skin as possible. Silverskin is found in most meats and does not melt during cooking. It also has no taste so leaving it on only modifies the texture and does nothing to enhance the taste profile of the meat. Because of this, it is recommended the silver skin be removed. This will ensure the quality of the ground meat is top-notch. 
  3. After removing the silver skin, try and remove as much fat as possible. It is true that sometimes fat creates a different flavor profile in meats and is needed to create a well-rounded taste. In the case of venison, fat contains a flavor that most people deem unfavorable. Venison fat often causes a wax-like texture while eating and takes away from the taste of the meat itself. 
  4. After cutting up the meat and removing the silver skin and fat, cut the quarters into large chunks. The size of the chunks depends on the size of the grinder you are using. If the head of your grinder is smaller in size, be sure to adjust the size of your cut. If you own a larger grinder, the cubes may reflect that. 
  5. After the quarters are cubed entirely, place the pieces of meat on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and set them in the freezer to chill. The cubes mustn’t be touching, as they might stick together. This is not ideal as the cubes should fit inside the grinder. Take the meat out of the freezer once the cubes are firm but not frozen. This typically takes around 30 minutes. Chilling the meat before grinding helps to prevent bacteria from growing, as well as making it slightly easier on the grinder itself.
  6. As an added step, you may choose to chill some parts of the meat grinder to help the mechanisms work more efficiently. As the meat starts to warm up, paired with the friction created by the machine, the meat will get more difficult to grind. Chilling some parts of the grinder as well will keep everything cool for much longer and the meat will have an easier time breaking down.
  7. Once your meat and grinder are sufficiently cool, follow the directions for your specific meat grinder to prepare your venison. If the meat is not being used right away, remember to place it back in the freezer or fridge so that bacteria doesn’t start to form. 

How to Clean and Maintain Deer Meat Grinders

The majority of meat grinders come in many different parts. These parts are usually easy to assemble and reassemble after cleaning. Based on the material used, some parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher while others should be hand washed to prevent damages. When in doubt it is recommended that all pieces are washed by hand with warm, soapy water. 

If possible, it is best to dry all parts immediately after washing to ensure that each crevice of the grinder is clean and dry. Always wash and dry meat grinders directly after use to ensure that no bacteria grows inside the device in between uses. This is extremely important for the maintenance and upkeep of the device. If proper cleaning and drying are not practiced, it might be dangerous to continue using the device as bacteria can easily accumulate in areas hard to see. 

Some products come with special cleaning brushes to ensure that even the most difficult parts of the machine are easily cleaned. Keep this in mind while searching for a device that works for your goals. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Deer Meat Grinders of 2021

Overall, there are many options for meat grinders. When deciding what is best for you, be sure to prioritize features that align with your goals. The main things to consider while shopping for a meat grinder are the power of the device, grinding capacity, design of the appliance, the overall quality and make, as well as the add-ons it comes with, like different size grinding heads. 

Based on your personal needs, be aware that some grinders are made to be used for multiple hours at a time, while some are designed for much less volume. More specifically, overheating is something to be aware of. Some grinders recommend that the appliance only be used for a short period before allowing it to cool down, but other devices come equipped with a cooling fan to allow you to grind meat for hours if need be. 

There are many things to consider while on the market for a new meat grinder but remember to focus on what is most important to you and your needs so that whatever grinder you purchase can be of use for many years to come.