5 Best Nonstick Omelette Pan Reviews

By Forrest •  Updated: 06/05/21 •  14 min read

After comparing some of the best omelette pans on the market, we found the T-fal E93808 delivers performance and quality that many families found versatile and practical, and for that reason it’s our Editor’s Choice.

I hope you can agree with me when I say this:

An omelette has to be one of the most fundamental dishes you can make. A couple of eggs, a pan, salt and pepper with a little garnish, your dish is ready to serve. Big deal? If you are new cooker, then this dish will take a while to master it.

To be honest, there are tons of ways to go wrong when making an omelette. It might be raw or turn soggy .

Of course, in order to nail it perfectly every time you making an omelette with fluffy texture and crispy edge, you will require the right utensil, an omelette pan.

That being said, choosing the best omelette pan for the task might not be easy. There are various factors come to mind like durability, shape, thickness, stick or non-stick coating, and more. 

In this post, I’ll explore the best omelette pans you can buy, what makes an omelette pan superior over others, how to make an omelette, and more. Let’s get started!

Quick Comparison of the Best Omelet Pans

The Top 5 Omelette Pan Choices for 2021

Below are my favorite omelette pans you can buy in 2021. These pans were rated based on a variety of factors including durability, affordability, ease of cleaning, and more. 

1. T-fal E93808 Professional Total Nonstick Fry Pan

After hours of research, the T-fal E93808 Nonstick Pan is definitely one of the best omelette pans due to its high-quality build and price.

The non-sticking coating allows cooking foods with much less oil, which is great for our health. The coating usually comes with scratch resistant and high durability.

Many of us occasionally worry that our expensive cooking ware will get destroyed when using metal utensils. This T-Fal E93808 pan is here for your stress-free cooking experience.

This will be a great addition to your kitchen. This pan is super easy to work with, even for children, who don’t understand these basic rules, to join in cooking.

Moreover, the omelet pan has an unique Thermo-Spot heat indicator (a reddish dot in the middle of the pan), which is able to tell whether your pan is heated to the perfect temperature for cooking. This feature makes it super novice-friendly.

It’s 12.5 inches pan that allows cooking versatility. In fact, you can cook enough food up to 4 people. As mentioned, the pan features durable, professional nonstick coating, which makes the cleaning super fast and easy.

The silicone handle is quite solid, comfortable for flipping or stirring. Last but not least, the pan has a magnetic bottom, so it will work perfectly with an induction cooktop.



My Thoughts:

This omelette pan is a great option for those searching for a mix of durability, affordability, and ease of cleaning. While it’s not the highest quality on the list compared to the All-Clad pan below, it still features a great build that will last. 

2 – All-Clad E7859064 Hard Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware Set

If you want to look for the true kitchen staple, this All-clad 2-piece pan set is the right pick for you. It is perfect for stirring, flipping, browning everything from meats to eggs.

The pans are 10 inches and 12 inches, which is quite versatile for cook all kinds of food. Most importantly, these omelet pans come with Ha1 hard-anodized aluminum construction that allows distributing the heat quickly and evenly.

This high-quality nonstick coating is scratch resistant and produced without using PFOA. This feature makes it super easy to flip, stir and cleanup.

Moreover, these All-Clad pans are dishwasher-safe compatible for induction cooktops and warp-resistant strength. Without a doubt, All-Clad is worth the extra cash.

That being said, these pans still have their downsides. First off, they definitely feel heavy to handle. It actually takes a little longer to preheat the pans in comparison to others. So if you aren’t into heavy pans, these might not be the right choice for you.

Second of all, the sides are perfect high for an omelet. But you might struggle a bit, if you want to use it for other foods.

In conclusion, the pros certainly have outweighed the cons. Hence, if you’re truly looking for an optimized nonstick coating pan for omelet making, this set is the perfect pick for the job.



My Thoughts:

If you want to purchase an omelette pan once in your lifetime, these All-Clad pans are the best option for you. While these pans are more expensive than others, it’s for a good reason. These pans cook evenly and clean easily. If you can afford them – these are the best option. 

3 – Nordic Ware Italian Frittata and Omelette Pan

Just by the look, this Nordic Ware pan is a classic omelet pan. Cooking omelet has been easier due to unique design.

Unlike other pans, you actually don’t have to worry about all the mess when flipping with this pan. It’s equipped with interlocking pans to make the food beautifully browned without being burned.

This omelet pan also features nonstick coating which makes it very easy to monitor the food and fast to clean afterward. With interlocking pans, you can stress-free brown the food without worrying it getting burned.

The Nordic Ware pan is compatible with both stovetop and oven. The heat will be distributed evenly due to its aluminum construction.

Since it has 2 separate sides, you can cook omelete and mushrooms/ vegetables at the same time. It’s truly time to cook something delicious with ease.



My Thoughts:

If you hate flipping omelettes (one of the more challenging parts of making omelettes) – this pan makes it easy. With it’s unique design, cooking your next omelette has never been easier. This is a great pan for beginners. 

4 – Calphalon 1934221 Classic Nonstick Omelet Fry Pan

If you’re wondering “what is the most popular brand for omelet pan?”, the answer is Calphalon. It’s simply classic pick for the job.

And the best Calphalon pan for omelet, you ask? It’s definitely The Calphalon Classic Nonstick Fry Pan.

This Calphalon pan is constructed from high-durable hard-anodized aluminum for reliable everyday cooking. It’s the perfect choice for material as the heal will be distributed consistently and evenly.

The pan also features double nonstick coating, which allows releasing the foods with ease. Moreover, you can cleanup the pan in a breeze when the meal is finished.

They are available in 2 size options: 8 inches and 12 inches. I highly recommend you to opt-in for latter. Larger diameter means more room to cook, stir the foods.

This Calphalon pan has gently sloping sides, which makes it perfect for flipping, tossing the foods. Beside omelet, you can use this pan to cook fish, vegetables, beans, steaks, chops.

Last but definitely not least, this handle is long, solid and comfortable to hold. It is made from stainless steel, which enables the handles to stay cool on the stovetop.



My Thoughts:

This pan is a great option for those looking for quality and value. The brand has been around for quite some time now and this pan is a great choice for anyone cooking omelettes. 

5 – TeChef – Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan

I have been watching Japanese omelette for dozen times and still be fascinated whenever they cook.However, it doesn’t stop me from being a bit skeptic about the Japanese omelette pan.

Seriously, a square/ rectangle shape pan? Just by the look, it doesn’t look easy to flip or stir with this pan. But that doesn’t stop me from giving this special pan a chance.

Let’s me tell you, it was a blast.

The TeChef omelet pan is absolutely amazing to work with. First of all, the nonstick coating fulfills its promise as it lets you easily flip the omelet along with the surface. The coating is made without using PFOA, no cadmium and lead-free.

This square pan features aluminum construction and stainless-steel bottom that will distribute the heat evenly and quickly. If you want to find a pan for cooking Tamagoyaki, this pan is definitely your best pick.

If you want to extend the durability, make sure to not using lemon-based detergents. It’s best to clean after cooking with warm and hot water.



My Thoughts:

If you’re looking for an affordable omelette pan that makes flipping easy – this option is worth a shot. The pan features a unique square design that makes flipping your omelet easy. 

How to Make an Omelette

Why You Should Buy an Omelette pan?

If you’re having these questions, getting an omelette pan might be your perfect solution for you. However, just like any other cookwares, the omelette pans come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Depending on the serving size, the option can vary from 8 inches to 12 inches pans.

Things to Look for When Selecting the Best Omelet Pan

As mentioned above, there are several features to keep in mind when purchasing an omelette pan. If you choose the wrong pan from the get-go, your omelette might look unappetizing.

1. The Material

First and foremost, you will have to look for the right material for your pan. The proper material will prevent the omelet from sticking to the pan and make it easy to flip. This will also determine the heat conduction, cooking time and durability.

There are several choices of material for omelette pan:

Another important thing to keep in mind is to look for the right material that could go well with your top stove. You probably don’t want waste money on a pan and can’t use it later on.

2. Thickness & Surface

Without a doubt, the thicker of the pan is, the more durability it gets. If you purchase a thinner pan, you probably want to avoid overheating the pan as it can cause potential damages.

However, if the pan is too thick, it will take a longer time to heat up and cook. So we highly recommend you to opt-in for the medium thickness.

Generally, there are 2 main types of coating: standard and non-sticking. The latter is prone to scratching so you will need to use wooden spatula or utensils. The coating makes it extremely easy to cook as the food doesn’t stick to the surface. It’s also a breeze to clean.

3. Pan’s Shape & Size

Various serving requires various shapes and sizes. The omelette pan is clearly no exception. There are several shapes for omelette pan available on the market such as round, hinged, square (Japanese omelette pan), each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The size will depend on how many people you want to serve and how many eggs you use. Buying a medium size, which usually is between 6 and 12 inches, will be a perfect fit.

4. Handling the Handle

Just like shape or size, the handle of the pan is also an important factor to consider. Make sure to check whether the handle gets heat up while frying. These questions are great to keep in mind when choosing an omelette pan:

The handle material is also important as it will determine how safe it is to grab and how can it be washed. The best option is to get metal, stainless steel or silicone handles.

5. Durability & Maintenance

Here comes the tricky part, cooking can be fun but also can be exhausting due to the cleaning process. You certainly don’t want to spend much time of scrubbing. Make sure to look for those pans that are dishwasher safe and have non-sticking coating.

6. Utensils & Lids

Your omelette pan definitely needs a perfect companion. Getting the right utensils will take the cooking experience to another level.

Cooking with the proper spatula, you will be able to extend the durability of the pan. We highly recommend using a silicone spatula to shape the omelette and maneuver it.

Some omelette pans come with a lid, some go topless. It’s all about personal preference, so the option is yours.


After hours of testing, the winner is the T-fal Professional Total Nonstick​ Fry Pan. This is certainly the most comfortable omelet pan available on the market.  The pan comes with high-quality material, which makes it extremely durable and sturdy for long-last use.

Although the T-fal it may seem a bit small, it makes the perfect individual servings of omelets each and every time. This has cut out all the hassle of flipping food, with its non-stick design. This pan was made for flipping, from sandwiches to omelets, it is fantastic!

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