Best Potato Slicer Reviews [Ultimate 2021 Buyers Guide]

By Forrest •  Updated: 06/17/21 •  27 min read

Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew—potatoes are probably one of the most well-known and loved vegetables in the world. These versatile root vegetables are great in the kitchen because you can do so much stuff with them. 

Personally, my favorite way (or one of my favorite ways) to eat potatoes is to slice them and quickly fry them on the skillet. Sliced potatoes crisp up well depending on how thickly you slice them. It’s tough to get that perfect slice with just a knife though. 

Potato slicers are a great tool to have in the kitchen. But it can be hard to figure out which ones are good. So I put together this guide on the best potato slicers for your kitchen in 2021. Let’s get started! 

What is a Potato Slicer

Owning a potato slicer can be an excellent tool to make homemade french fries, potato chips, or even potato wedges.

One of the best things about a potato slicer is its versatility. Not only can they be used to slice potatoes, but you can also use it to slice sweet potatoes, other veggies, and more.

A simple potato slicer work by using sharp blades to cut through vegetables that can be adjusted for the thickness you desire.

Wether you’re looking to make homemade potato chips or sweet potato fries, owning a potato slicer is an excellent investment for your kitchen.

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Best Potato Slicers – Quick Comparison


Best Potato Slicers of 2021

After reviewing many options on a variety of factors, below are some of the best potato slicers you can buy.

#1: Mueller Austria Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline

This potato slicer has a simple design that is easy to use. The rubber-tipped feet get good traction on the countertop and you can adjust the feet to get the angle that you want. The grooved center of the mandolin body keeps food from getting stuck with suction but also allows you to glide the potatoes down the center without interrupting your motion. The result is that you get good, even slices each time with a consistent stroke. 

The blade on the Muellers is high-quality. It is made from ultra-sharp 420-grade stainless steel, one of the highest grades of steel used for kitchenware. The body is made from a durable heat-treated ABS plastic that is dishwasher and food safe. The Mueller is LFGB-approved (the LFGB is basically Europe’s FDA), so it has been checked and analyzed for sanitation and food safety.  

The Mueller also has a unique patented knob wheel to adjust the height of the mandoline seat. The adjustable angle is great when you need to get more of a downstroke to cut through tougher vegetables like beets or carrots. The Mueller also comes with 5 cutting attachments, an extra blade, a ridged blade for crinkle cuts, and three grating panels with different-sized holes. It’s great for potatoes but it can also handle pretty much any other vegetable or fruit as well.

The slicer also comes with a finger guard with stainless steel holding pines. So you can protect your fingers while keeping a firm grip on the vegetables. The manufacturers also offer a generous guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the set, then you can return it and get all your money back.  

What I Liked

  • Lightweight design
  • Sharp blade
  • Lots of attachments

What I Didn't Like

  • Knob can get stuck
  • Slightly bulky

My Thoughts

This is the best potato slicer on the list for a multitude of reasons. I really like the Mueller for its smooth action and adjustable bade/height settings. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and it works for basically anything from beets and yams to apples and carrots. The blade is sharp enough that softer produce doesn’t get smushed and still slices well. Overall, I highly recommend this mandolin for slicing potatoes. You can get thin, consistent slices as small as 1mm or thicker slices up to 9mm. The only real point of criticism I have is that the knob can get jammed sometimes. Just be careful with your fingers—the blade is ridiculously sharp!

My Overall Rating:

#2: DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer + Dicer

Up next is the DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer + Dicer. As the name implies, you can slice and dice fruits and veggies with this useful tool. The real draw of the DASH is how adjustable it is. It has over 30 slicing options, including matchstick, julienne, and dicing options. And of course, you can get razor-thin 1mm slices up to chunky 9mm slices. The blade is made from high-grade stainless steel. 

The DASH also has a very unique design that keeps your fingers safe. Instead of pulling the produce across the blade, you feed it into the chute then use the handle near the top to cut slices. The design makes it so you don’t even have to put your hands near the blade. True, some aficionados like the classic design where your fingertips are always so close to danger. But if you don’t trust your hands, then a safe option may be better for your fingers (and heart!). 

If you want to do more than slices, you can too. The DASH lets you switch between matchsticks, dicing, and julienne modes so you can cut things up whichever way you want. There are also a lot of color options, including aqua, black, green, navy, yellow, and red. 

Lastly, the manufacturers offer a pretty generous warranty. You get a 1-year warranty when you buy which you can upgrade to a 2-year warranty if you register the product with their Feel Good Rewards program. So if anything goes wrong, you can get it repaired or a full replacement free of charge. The body also folds down compactly for storage in a drawer or cabinet when not in use. 

What I Liked

  • Unique design
  • Safe for fingers
  • Multiple color options
  • Lots of cutting options

What I Didn't Like

  • Bulky design
  • Difficult to clean

My Thoughts

Overall, I was impressed with the DASH. While I wouldn’t say it’s just quite the best potato slicer on the marker – it sure is close. The unique design was off putting at first but you get used to it quickly and it’s nice to know that your fingers are safe from being cut. The inclusion of matchstick and dicing options in addition to the classic julienne slice adds some versatility if you like to prepare produce in different ways. The only downside is that it can be difficult to clean in the groves and body case where the blades are. Otherwise, this potato slicer comes highly recommended from yours truly. It’s great for potatoes and any other vegetable you can think of. 

My Overall Rating:

#3: Fullstar Mandoline Slicer and Spiralizer

In third is the Fullstar mandoline slicer and spiralizer. This potato slicer is also great for other vegetables like zucchini or carrots. You can use it first to cut potato slices then switch to spiralizing mode to make zucchini spaghetti. The Fullstar has an all-in-one design with the food bucket attached to the bottom of the mandoline cutter. The attachable Tupperware prevents rogue slices from rolling off your kitchen counter when they are cut. 

The blade is made from a durable food-grade stainless steel and features a sturdy ABS plastic baseboard. The Fullstare comes with 6 changeable blade plates for circular slices, matchsticks, dicing, spiralizer, grating, and more. The slicer comes with a durable handguard so your fingers are protected while you slice. For longer vegetables, you can anchor them to the handle with the prongs on the underside. It works great for longer veggies like cucumbers or carrots in addition to potatoes. 

When it’s time to clean, you can take the entire mandoline apart and put the pieces in the dishwasher. ABS plastic is 100% dishwasher safe and you can also place the tupperware food catcher in the dishwasher. It also comes with a special cleaning tool for scrubbing the hard-to-reach corners. 

The mandoline slicer is very compact and can be broken down for storage purposes. It easily will fit in your drawer or in a cabinet. The catcher design is particularly useful because you can place the produce directly in the fridge if you want to prepare for cooking later. Lastly, it comes with a cut-resistant protective glove so you can be protected if you are not using the cutting guard. 

What I Liked

  • Compact, convenient design
  • Lots of blade attachments
  • Comes with protective glove
  • Dishwasher safe

What I Didn't Like

  • Lacks blade adjustments
  • Container fills quickly

My Thoughts

This mandoline slicer is very convenient when you are in a hurry and want to make extra slices for later. You can put the tupperware catcher right in the fridge and you won’t lose any potato slices on the floor. The blade attachments are functional, though the grater screens leave a bit to be desired. I personally like the spiralizer and use it to make curly spiral fries. The blade thickness is not as adjustable as I would like it to be though. But, there are a lot of options insofar as how you cut your produce. 

My Overall Rating:

#4: Gourmia GMS9105 Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer

In fourth place is the Gourmia GMS9105, an adjustable stainless steel mandoline slicer. This slicing tool has a very simple design with little frills. It focuses on cutting and it’s good at what it does. You can get great sliced potatoes with this thing and also get excellent cut deli meats. The heavy duty blade is made from sturdy stainless steel with a built in adjustable wheel. You can adjust the wheel between 4.5mm to 9mm thickness, not as wide as some other machines but a good range nonetheless. 

This mandoline has a very stripped down design. The handguard has spokes on the backside so you can hold produce while cutting. The built in adjustable blade is easy to change and sits diagonally, which allows for a more consistent and resistance-free cut. You can get more consistent cuts and the blade will last longer due to its orientation. 

The Gourmia is also very easy to clean. The entire cutter is made from ABS plastic and stainless steel, so it is 100% dishwasher safe. It has two manual settings for paper thin cuts and one for the adjustable dial knob between 4.5mm and 9mm. it is compact, but is tough enough to handle most kinds of produce from potatoes to rutabagas and beets. It can be used for meats too so you can make sandwiches along with fries for dinner tonight.

The base is also very sturdy. It’s compact but has a nice weight to it so you feel pretty stable when you are slicing. A wobbly mandoline can be dangerous so the stability is a great safety feature. 

What I Liked

  • Simple, reliable design
  • Two adjustment levels for the blade
  • Comes with a finger guard
  • Great for vegetables and meats. 

What I Didn't Like

  • No many cutting options
  • No extra blade options

My Thoughts

I’m a big fan of simplicity and the Gourmia hits all the right notes. It has a sleek design, not too many bells and whistles, and it’s easy to take apart for deep cleaning. I especially like the two blade positions, although I wish I had more control on the really-thin level. The stainless steel is shiny and can be put in the dishwasher. I wish that it had some sort of catcher on the bottom but it’s low enough that nothing falls, bounces, and goes off the counter. The handguard leaves something to be desired, so I use gloves with this one. 

My Overall Rating:

#5: Pop AirFry Mate French Fry Cutter

This one is specifically for the french fry lovers out there. The Pop AirFry Mate is the perfect accessory if you like french fries as much as I do. The stainless steel is hefty and can be used in commercial settings, or at home in your personal kitchen. This fry cutter has two interchangeable blades that let you cut fries ½” and ⅜” thick fries that are three inches long. It is great for making both thicker, soft fries and thinner crispy fries. 

This fry cutter is very easy to use too. It has a sideways design., You attach the frame to a countertop, place the potato in the side slot, then press down on the switch to force the potato through the grate. The orientation of the handle lets you push down instead of sideways so it is easy to apply more consistent force. The blades are pretty sharp too so you do not have to press extremely hard on the switch. 

The slicer is made from durable stainless steel. It is pretty hefty and has good balance so it won’t wobble around when slicing potatoes. The blades can only be put in or taken out from one direction so you won’t accidentally cut your fingers. The name says this is made for air fryers, but you can certainly pan fry or bake the potatoes in the oven. The slicer can also handle any other vegetable like sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, and more. If you want to make something different than just potato fries then the Pop is versatile enough to do so. You also get an extremely generous lifetime warranty when you buy. 

What I Liked

  • Hefty, sturdy design
  • Great for thick or thin french fries
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Durable, steel construction

What I Didn't Like

  • Not incredibly versatile
  • Can be difficult to clean

My Thoughts

I really like fries, so this one was a no-brainer for me. The thick and thin options are great, but I wish I could go a bit thinner and thicker with the cut. The handle design is ergonomic and easy to use. The sideways orientation means you don’t need anything to catch the potatoes when you are done. The opening is a bit small, so you might need to cut larger potatoes in two when you put them in. But the action is smooth and the fries cook up nicely in the air fryer, oven, or stove top. 

My Overall Rating:

#6: Crinkle Cutters Potato Cutter

Flat potatoes are kind of boring sometimes, so getting something that can cut wavy slices is a good idea. This stainless steel crinkle cutting tool is the perfect option when you want to make wavy cuts whether for chips or french fries. The knife design is very easy to use and is made out of a sturdy food-grade stainless steel. The wooden handle is soft and comfortable to hold, so you can get a stable grip when slicing potatoes. The manual design means no batteries or power outlets are needed, just your hands. The simple design also means it is very easy to clean. Simply wipe the blade down when you are done at the end. 

If you don’t want to cut potatoes, you can also use this knife on fruits, mushrooms, cheese, meats, and more. It is especially good for making creative and decorative toppings for salads, sandwiches, and the like. The knife is large enough for most potatoes but it is also small enough to fit in a kitchen drawer. 

This particular offer comes with 2 knives so you can cut more potatoes at once or get some help in the kitchen. Both blades are the same size and made from the same materials. It is a bit on the simple side and does not have any hand guards, but it lets you get that nice wavy cut that gives chips and fries a nice texture when you cook them up. 

So if you are looking for a simple potato cutter to get nice waves, this set of knives should do you well. They are also extremely affordable and will last a long time. 

What I Liked

  • Nice wavy design
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Comfy wooden handle
  • Good for fruits and other vegetables

What I Didn't Like

  • No guards
  • Wood does not do well in the dishwasher

My Thoughts

This wavy potato cutter is really simple but it gets the job done well. I like wavy chips so I try to make the cuts really thin and fry them in the pan. This knife is great for getting that awesome wavy texture. The waves increase the surface area of the fry so it cooks up better in oil. The blade is reasonably sharp and easy to clean after use. I wish the handles were not wood though. They are comfortable but you shouldn’t put wood in the dishwasher as it can cause cracks and mold. Otherwise, this knife passes the use test just fine.  

My Overall Rating:

#7: Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice Mandoline

In 7th place is the Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice mandoline slicing tool. This potato slicer has a simple and stripped down design. The simple mandoline is handheld so you can adjust the angle of the cutting base of how you hold the tool. We picked this mandoline for potatoes but it also works for all other kinds of vegetables like zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, squash, apples, and more. The blade has a sharp angle to it so you can get more even, consistent slices. The angled blade also ensures more efficient cuts so the blade lasts longer. 

This potato slice has a simple design, so if you want something with more cutting options you should look for another. There are 3 cutting modes that change the thickness between thin, medium, and thick. 

The bottom of the mandoline has ridges and a rubberized base so it should not slip when you place it against the counter. The bottom is open so you can place a bowl underneath to capture any fallen produce. The base is made from durable ABS plastic so you can toss the entire thing in the dishwasher to clean it off. The stainless steel blade is high-quality food-grade steel, but you only get one blade.

The cutter also comes with a hand guard, but it is pretty flimsy and difficult to use. We recommend using gloves instead of the included cutter, or cutter with another guard. It is very simple, but the tool is good at what it does and can be used on more than just potatoes. Some may not like the simple design but for others, it will be just perfect. 

What I Liked

  • Great value
  • Adjustability allows for multiple size slices

What I Didn't Like

  • Not extremely versatile
  • Felt somewhat cheap

My Thoughts

Initially, I wasn’t sold on this slicer but the more I checked it out the more it grew on me. The action is smooth and the compact design is nice as you don’t have to devote an entire tabletop to cutting things. The blade thickness adjuster is relatively containing but can get some good thin and thick cuts. It is very easy to clean too. I only wish that it came with one or two additional blade attachments. It would be nice if it had some more versatility than just the classic mandoline slices. A grater tool, for example, would be a nice addition. 

My Overall Rating:

#8: Mueller Mandoline Slicer V-Pro

The penultimate entry on our list is another Mueller selection, this one the V-Pro. This potato slicer has a unique compact design that makes it good for quick prep and storage. The mandoline base is made from a sturdy ABS plastic material that is 100% dishwasher safe. The blade is made from food grade stainless steel that will not rust from water. This machine comes with 5 interchangeable blades: 2 for grating, one for wavy cuts, one for Julienne cuts, and another for classic mandoline slicer. 

This cutter is great for efficiency. You can attach the food tray to the bottom while cutting so you can collect the droppings easily. The tupperware food catcher can go directly into the fridge when you are done cutting if you want to prepare food later. The handguard and holding mechanism is comfortable to hold and provides excellent protection for your fingers. It’s so safe that you can use it with your children safely. 

Mueller is also known for its good customer support. You can call anytime to chat with a representative to answer questions about the machine’s operation and other troubleshooting issues. They also have a generous refund policy and will return your money if you are not satisfied with your purchase. 

Overall, the Mueller V-Pro lives up to its name. It is simple to use and has some good accessibility features. The food catcher is a nice touch so you won’t lose any slices off the counter when you are cutting. It is a bit small for a mandoline, so you might need to chop up larger vegetables, but it will be able to cut harder vegetables as well. 

What I Liked

  • Compact, convenient design
  • Sturdy food catching base can go in the fridge
  • Quality company
  • Great customer service

What I Didn't Like

  • Not the easiest slicer to clean

My Thoughts

I am a big fan of Mueller kitchenware and German engineering. I noticed that this mandoline is great for quick food preparation as the attachable food catcher indicates. This mandoline has a strong stainless steel blade and a set of interchangeable blades. It is a great choice if you need to prepare snacks and veggies for your kids or need to take your lunch into work with you that day. Mostly, I appreciate the modular design. There are a lot of choices of how you cut things and it is pretty easy to switch the pieces in and out on the fly. 

My Overall Rating:

#9: Vekaya Mandoline Slicer

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Vekaya Mandoline Slicer. This slicer has a simple stripped down design so you can slice without getting cough up with all the attachments and modifications. This mandoline features a tough stainless steel blade made from 440-grade steel, one of the highest quality steel used in kitchenware applications. This mandoline slicer has two modes: paper thin slices and adjustable slices between 4.5mm to 9mm thick. You can make wafer thin chips for frying or you can make thick cut fries for frying or baking. 

The cutting base is also made from stainless steel and it features a durable ABS plastic hand guard. This mandoline slicer comes with both a protective hand guard and a special cut-resistant glove. So you get double protection for your fingers.

The base also has thin legs that fold up when not in use, making it compact for storage. The legs have rubberized ends and lock into place so they are fairly sturdy when you are cutting vegetables with your strong arm. If you want to change the thickness of the cuts, then twist the knob to the right of the blade. There is also a julienne setting for matchstick cuts.  

The blade is set diagonally so you get an efficient cut each time and the blade lasts longer than normal. It does not come with any interchangeable blades but the one included does well. The Vekaya is also LFGB-certified so it is safe for use with food. It also comes with a very generous 1-year warranty so you can get it replaced if anything breaks. 

What I Liked

  • Simple design
  • Very sharp blade cuts consistently
  • Stable base is sturdy

What I Didn't Like

  • Not many cutting options
  • Julienne cutting is not great

My Thoughts

Once again, you can see my fondness for simplicity. The Vekaya has smooth action and a very sharp blade that you never have to touch. I like the really thin setting for zucchini and the thicker settings are good for thick cut fries. I had some trouble using the julienne cutter with potatoes so I mostly stayed away from that setting. This slicer is also very versatile and can be used with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. So I would highly recommend this if you want a straightforward model that can handle a bunch of different things. 

My Overall Rating:

How to Choose the Best Potato Slicer?

Make sure to consider the things when looking for a potato slicer.

Cutting options. More cutting options is always a good thing. Try to find a machine that has classic slices and other options like julienne matchsticks or spiraling blades. Most machines come with 1 or 2 interchangeable blades but a good number do not. Also, the more cutting options you have, the more kinds of foods you can cut. Most potato cutters can be used for other vegetables and fruit as well. 

Adjustability. You should also be able to change blade thickness. You want to be able to make really thin slices or change the thickness and make chunky slices. For example, if you’re looking to make potato chips, you’ll want something that allows you to slice thinly like a potato chip slicer.

Blade quality. The better the blade, the better slices you will get. Stainless steel is often the best material as it does not rust and will keep an edge. Be sure to consult the user manual to see if you need to sharpen your cutter blade. 

Base design. You want something sturdy that will sit on your counter without moving much while you are cutting. A wobbly potato slicer can be extremely dangerous so make sure that the legs can lock and that you have a secure grip. Generally, a base made of ABS plastic is the best as it is tough, light, and dishwasher safe. 

Safety options. Potato slicers have mangled some fingers before, so make sure you look into safety options. Hand guards and cut resistant gloves are a must have for most models. A handful of cutters have models that don’t require your hands to be near the blade. 

Cleaning. You should clean your potato cutter after every use. Make sure you find a model with parts that are dishwasher safe and will not rust when submerged. Also, make sure there are relatively few creases or holes where food particles can hide. 

Durability. Similar to blade quality, you want a potato slicer that lasts. A good start is by finding a potato slicer with stainless steel blades.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Potato Slicers of 2021

So, if you love potatoes as much as I do, then you should look into getting a potato slicer. You can find all kinds of uses for a good slicer and do not only have to use it on potatoes.

A good potato slicer is a must-have in a kitchen for someone who loves to cook. The good news is that you can get a potato slicer for cheap and use it for a long time.

Overall, the Mueller Austria Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline is the best potato slicer you can buy because of its quality and strong value.

So, if you are bored with boiled potatoes, get a slicer to make homemade chips, homemade fries, and much more.